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Additional information for Schools & Service providers


Below are a few things to consider before having a spraycan Art workshop at your venue.

Please have a quick look at the info below before getting in touch about your project.

Spraypainting is an outside activity.

Because of fumes it's not advisable to paint indoors unless the room is highly ventilated or we've hired extractor fans. We would always advise all participants to wear the safety masks provided.

Spraypaint doesn't wash out of clothes or Shoes.

If you did want an interior mural it is possible, but for workshop purposes we would advise you paint outside with your group on boards/canvas. Then mount them 'indoors' at a later date.



Your venue

Has your venue got a suitable outside area.

An appropriate outside area to use for the painting part of the project is essential.
This area ideally has the following:

Somewhere we can attach the boards/canvas to.

We like to secure our paintings with cable ties to minimise risk & avoid any accidents, i.e. Canvases toppling over in the wind etc, this is potentially a risk when painting large boards.

We like to attach boards to perimeter fences, Tennis courts or chain-link fences (as seen in the picture)

A sheltered area. If your venue has anything like this available & in a ventilated area, It could be useful.

Has your venue got a suitable inside area or Classroom.

our workshops are normally split into two parts,  we like to deliver a classroom design & discussion workshop before any painting is done. For this we need an appropriate space, tables chairs etc. Its also useful to have a Radio or a DVD player present in the Classroom environment. 



Students & Groups

How many students are in your group?

Let us know about the kind of numbers you would like  to involve in a project.  We can plan for it,  this may mean bringing additional artists/tutors or increasing the length or number of sessions on a project.

Tell us about the abilities & behaviour within your group

So we know what to expect what to bring & how to deliver most effectively.

Spraypaints are not legally available in shops to people under the age of 16,  This makes our tools very desirable to some groups we work with.   We appreciate the support of an additonal pair of eyes from any existing staff where possible & appropriate.


in the past we've found it useful to have an introductory session to the spray-cans in an environment where students are free to experiment,  and mess about with 'free' mark making.

We Basically let them make a mess - play with the Spraycans!

we've found this works well with groups & individuals to encourage participation & build confidence. Especially when we are working on a large group mural project where unconfident individuals get 'frightened of messing it up!'  


Format & Approach

In some cases our workshops are open murals.

  This approach caters for group work, drop-ins, live painting events  & workshops.

 The open mural is 1 large piece (often consisting of several boards) painted by  'a group' or in some cases, 'anyone that wants to have a go!

Open murals can be a lot of fun & provide you with a large piece of art that has been created by many different people.

Alternatively some Clients opt for the creation of a single large canvas per student.  This is more popular with students in Schools who are using their creations for course work.

Its up to you & your group what kind of workshop you want.



Brave Arts has over 15 years experience  teaching graffiti & Spraycan art workshops. We've taken our workshops into Schools, Young Peoples secure units, Prison, Pupil referal units, museums, youth centres, events & festivals.

Our spraycan art workshops are versatile, & can be delivered in many different formats & time frames,......

Contact us for a project proposal & we promise to help you deliver the best possible workshop.

Please contact us  if you would like us to work on a specific commission or project with you.

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