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Graffiti Art in Schools.

In Schools,  we call it Spraycan Art to avoid confusion & controversy!


Our Workshops generally are about spray-painting, the content doesn't have to be Graffiti letters & urban styles. Lessons can be about exploring the capabilities of using spray-cans as a medium to paint any kind of imagery.

​Prior to any painting we like to deliver a short history of the culture that surrounds the theme of spray can-art & graffiti art.  Design tips & techniques are explored and discussed in a classroom like environment. we also like to address the moral & ethical issues of graffiti as art within the boundaries of the law.

Artist in residence - School projects - Spraycan Art workshops - Open mural events



Teaching & Workshops


What ever your aims & desired outcomes, we can help you deliver the best possible art project.


If you are Considering having a  Brave Arts project in your school, there are some additional things to consider

here: further info Re: Health & safety & venue requirements.


​You may also want to check out the open mural link & the workshops links for examples of alternative approach to our lessons .

Please contact us  if you would like us to work on a specific commission or project with you.

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