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Some of the companies we've worked with Incl HMP prison Service the NHS & myspace u.k.

Community project

​Watch an amazing slide show of the Rainbow walk subway project Here.

This was a great project, it happened in South Woodham, which is near Chelmsford in Essex.

I was contacted by Jackie Lane who works for Chelmsford borough council, she was part of a team of 'mostly volunteers’ who were fighting a losing battle against graffiti scrawls that kept appearing on a subway in Woodham.

We got our heads together and came up with a plan to decorate the subway with a huge spray paint mural. Once Jackie had sorted some funding out (most came from Network rail ‘who own the subway’ the rest from local community groups) we got started on sorting out who we were going to involve in the project. The Plan was to give everyone in the community the opportunity to contribute design ideas. We had a couple of press releases, flyers went out and we held a drop-in session at the library to gather ideas for the content of the mural from all across the community. Loads of great design ideas were submitted by young and old people from all across the community.





Whilst this was going on I was working with the year 9 students during their Art classes at the nearby William de ferras School. I worked with 10 of the year 9 classes alongside Miss Kirby and Mr. Long the art teachers. Together we introduced the project and worked in the classroom with over 220 students.


Corporate Project

We were asked to paint 400m of wall for Proctor & gamble at their London plant. The brief was brand the wall with products made by the company.  These guys make 'Everything!'  So we were spoilt for choice. It was an amazing project at an incredible venue.



...Glitch paintings - YAK Firstsite
turning digitalised images of paintings back to paintings 
Street Art Event- live Artists
4 Artists in Southend
vehicles - Bus'es coaches Cars & trucks

Spraypainted vehicles....

Skate parks


We Paint a lot of skateparks, sometimes with the local users through community projects workshops & drop in's. 
A lot of our skatepark projects come to us after skateparks have gathered graffiti scrawls and started to look a bit run down. We give them a makeover & crucially try to engage with the local users as part of the process.

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Subway Sudbury. 4 Artists 70 Students 5 Days.

Subway Art Project

Sudbury Subway Art Project, we worked with local schools to design & paint a local landmark.

Featured Artists Ekto, kak, froyd, eye-saw,

d-dub, Brave1 & over 70 students from 3 local Schools.

I worked in the Schools for a month prior to the project to gather Ideas and school the students on graffiti history- culture and design. We painted the Subway in 5 days....  Big big thanks to the other artists who got involved in this Ann Scott, Brad ms Parmenter & all the students and the schools.

See a slide show of this project. Here

 More of our Subway Art Projects HERE




Stickers Postcards prints & originals are available at the Brave Arts Shop.

All items sold from this shop are the artists originals pieces, photos & prints of of.

Please Note:

(The Brave Arts shop belongs to the Graffiti artist - NOT a photographer who sells pictures of graffiti artists work)


Please contact the artist here if you would like a specific print or size that is not listed.

corporate interior design


I recently worked on a project to make art for the walls of a newly built NHS Cahms centre for young people.

The new St Aubyns Centre needed to provide a comfortable environment for a group about to move in.

Jevan & I visited Long View & did several workshops with the groups to develop their ideas into something we could paint in the new facility.

Before the move, we met & discussed their ideas with the architect, Who approved several of our design ideas,

We went in during construction of the new build & painted the new residents ideas directly on to the walls.

It was a really nice project & a lot of fun developing the ideas.

Big Thanks to Judith at Firstsite & Jeven Watkins who I worked with on this project. See the whole project here on a flickr gallery

Prison Graffiti Art Project.


Me & Darren, were lucky enough to go to prison for graff, and get out on the same day.

We did 4 days actually,
Getting outta prison 4 times in as many days was was reason to be pleased.....
The project went really well too!

We worked with about 8 guys, did a design with them in a classroom, then later in the week we painted the side of the chapel in the prison yard with their ideas.

They picked it up really well and everybody was pleased with their design. Some of them will be in there for at least another 10 years so it was good to change up the rhythm of life for them a bit, n do something different.

Big Thanks to Juliet martin Arts development officer at Chelmsford.

NCP Carpark stair-wells community re -genaration (project 1)​


This was a two part Project to illustrate colchesters amazing history & culture on the walls of one of the towns main carparks.

Working with Colchester & ipswich museums, colchester Youth offending team & the artistst Brave1 Kak Jonnie B, Big Steve the ektoplasmic warrior & Mr Hasr!

2 sessions covering design history and consiquences, an afternoon to practice spraypainting & build confidence & then 2 days working alongside the artists to complete the carpark murals. Finished floors 6 -(the top) just before all the snow fell Nov in2010!

Returned In May 2011 to go from 5 to the ground floor! Big Big Thanks to my team, the young people from the youth offending team, Mark Russell, Penny, the guys from the carpark & of course Geri Cowell & co from the museums. See all the Carpark project photos here.

Working with the residents of childrens homes

HOME ART Project in association with Firstsite.

Working with the residents of this childrens home.
this is the result of multiple workshops.

Its been a continuation of the pilot for the first social pedagogue project in Essex.

Which ment the residents/students made the decicions, on all the designs, the content , the final pieces, their final placements, they ran things basically!

I really enjoyed the project. Big thanks to all the Young People I worked with, Judith Merritt & Clare Phillips from Firstsite. & all the Staff at this Home.

See all the Childrens home projects here on a flickr gallery

Painted in a day at the Village green Festival

After being asked to paint 'Something"  at the Village green arts festival,  I asked Ekto to join me & we went all out on these boards,  just as if we were painting a normal wall with nobody watching.  Difference was of course ...hundreds of people were watching, cos we were at a massive arts festival! 
Thanks to Luke & Jon Marmalade,  tenbomb,  Shaun & the METAL crew for the invite.

Brave Arts working with Mr. Shaun Dipper Mr. Ekto the Kakaholic rocker.Recently completed this community art project in (previously) the most horrid Subway/rat-run up in North Essex.

Wind rain Storms & floods tried to stop us, but we were on a mission!

As you can see from the pics this was an open project, & we invited anybody & everybody who uses the subway or lived near by to get involved. & many of them did!

Special thanks to everybody that helped make this project happen, from suggesting ideas at the drop-in, to actually rolling their sleeves up and painting.

big shout out to:Gemmie Rose, jim Bidwell, Jan Fallows, Sarge Kuru, Ben Pelham, Arabella Clarke & all the locals that helped Slackspace Firstsite Colchester & Cllr Martin Goss.

Whole school art day 25min workshops
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