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OUR STORY  Professional Spraycan Art & Graffiti

Brave Arts was set up by the graffiti artist  'Brave 1' in 2001

With so many years of experience working in the Art industry Brave1 & his team are some of the most experienced service Providers in this sector. 

We specialise in Spraycan-Art & Graffiti Art. Providing tailor-made projects for our clients.  

Our projects span the many disciplines of spraycan art/Graffiti art. 

From set design & advertising through to managing art events & teaching in schools.

Contact us for further information, a project proposal or quote.   



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Graffiti Art Culture
Here at Brave Arts we are proud that our 'Graffiti art' heritage can be traced back to the Traditions & values of the pioneers of style writing. 

Those artists that during the 1980's in New York set the standard & laid the foundations of the style of art we continue to practice today.

Undoubtedly we have been part of the largest growing new forms of painting in recent art history, & we promise to continue to push the boundaries of whats possible with spray paint.


​Statement from Brave 1 - managing director  

Thanks  for visiting my website.
The story is pretty simple ,
Graffiti art lover, turned graffiti art maker turned graffiti art teacher! Youth worker, mentor & advocate of achieving positivity through sharing a passion for art.

This graffiti bug I caught way back when I was a kid turned out to be the very same skill set I needed to help others achieve their visions. To build a business & to travel & work for a wide range of different clients, organisations & charities.

Painting with spray-cans is a lot of fun. When I was a l kid in the 80's I drew lots of graffiti, and as a school boy I learnt how to spray paint it. ​

Nowadays spraycans have become the tools of my trade, & the medium I paint best in.​​


 After doing a degree in Graphic design, In 1997 I saw an opportunity to make my life long intrest in Graffiti, pay!
 At first it just paid for itself,  - leftover spraycans helped subsidize my spraypainting habit.  Allowing me to afford to paint more regularly! 
Soon I was spray-painting things for work regularly too, 

 Living off left over spraycans, I painted some of my benchmark peices.  & my emergence onto the U.K. Graffiti art Scene was firmly established by the late 1990's.

"Through out the years of doing this sort of work,  I’ve managed to maintain a healthy balance of graffiti for work, & graffiti for pleasure.​​​

This means I still paint just for pleasure, regularly.  I enjoy painting  & still get-up  (paint graffiti ) just for the kick & for the knowing that I can!
I know many  members of the team I work with feel the same.  
I think this makes us unlike many street artists currently working commercially in the art industry.
 Coupled with our passion for this artform, we all have well established Roots. & with that comes knowledge understanding  respect & admiration for the pioneers.

 For a lot of us Adult graffiti artists  it remains a
 tradition, part of our culture.    A social thing as much as its a personal thing.


We've watched the graffiti art scene develop & evolve into what it is today.  We've played our part in this.  

Attitudes have evolved, so has the paint!   
We've seen developments in the manufacture of spray paint,   Open up new possibilities & make Spraycan art accessible & achievable to so many more people.

 The recent growth in popularity & mainstream acceptance of street art/graffiti has inevitably taken its toll on aspects effecting the quantity & quality of our beloved Art form. However....

Here you will find top quality work from genuine graffiti artists.


Thank you for visiting Brave Arts at I hope you find what you are looking for."

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  Where did it all began for Brave Arts?
In 1997 'Brave1' saw an opportunity to make Graffiti pay, & at the same time subsidize his spraypainting habit.

Living off left over spraycans, some of Brave1's benchmark peices were painted, & his emergence onto the U.K. Graffiti art Scene was firmly established by the late 1990's.


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