Life of a piece.  

Step by Step

Here you can see how our pieces come together from a design to a painting....................
step by step slideshow of a wall scotty~Brave one painted in Aug 2015 for the beacon on the hill.  PEACE
Short film of Scotty Brave1 painting a skatepark....
Short film of Drop in Spray-can-art Workshops down by the River in Hackney.  For Gobal Street art. 
painting Fiora.

Painting wise cats.​​

Painted By Brave 1.  just off of Brick Lane opposite old shoreditch underground.  Painted alongside Dank, for the London leg of the Meeting of styles Graffiti Art festival. Arranged by The End of the Line...Sponsered by Loop paint this year which was'nt too bad to use actually!  Cheers guys.
The Cat is adapted from the original illustration by the amazing Anastasia Korochansckaja.


It Says Brave

Click the image to see a photo montage of the piece as it comes together.

March 24th 2012 was a great day for a paint!

Me & Ster Linked with Beak for the first time, and Dropped this wall At Chelmsford in ESSEX, just for fun!


Painting Dragons.​​

Click the image to see a larger photo-montage of the piece as it comes together.

My piece at Strawberry fields festival 2012

Let me take you down, cos I'm going down to "STRAWBERRY FIELDS"

Was lucky enough to be invited by Hush, to paint at this
festival with Noir Gnasher & Blavo. It was a good weekend. Shouts to tha J.O.C. Crew

Gtotta love an english music festival where it doesn't rain! It felt like a miracle!

Original Dragon image: McLean Kendree

Brave trends Piece 

Click the image to see it larger ......

Painting the legendary pit in W London with Reakt

Click the image to see a larger photo-montage of the piece as it comes together.

Monkey Business

Click the image to see it larger 

Monkey business. Painted in December 2011

Banana killer... 5 stage pics....

Spraypaint on Concrete. 8ft x 10ft H
Alongside Ster & Flem.

Monkey from Jesper Ejsing's original.

A Royal Wedding. Flags everywhere

​​This only lasted 24hrs.

 Painting skulls with Ekto​:  Click the image to see a larger photo-montage of the piece as it comes together.


 We are Graffiti Artists!
This means sometimes we might still paint Graffiti Art that we haven't been paid for,  in places we haven't always been invited. Often it doesn't last very long. couple of Examples here.......

Modern legal graffiti hotspots & legal walls are fantastic, however paint in them & your work no longer belongs to you, its at the mercy of the streets.

People with spraycans who think "nobodys watching!" The nature of graffiti dictates that the majority of the artists work is lost forever!
See prints of some of those lost pieces ​here at the Brave Arts Shop

Brave Paints Reakt 


Reakt is an amazing artist.  Who I learnt loads from.  He's an Artist that only paints in the halls of fame.  

The derilict & often neglected places where walls are exploited by artists who constantly paint over each other. In a tradition that is as old as graffiti itself.

I painted this portrait in Essex's largest hall of fame in 07, Reakt painted letters next to it.

It only lasted a couple of weeks tho....


She only lasted 6 days!


Giving it away for free I painted this at the lakesdie Graffiti wall I Fancied doing something a little challenging, a little different. It was all free hand no stencils or stencil caps, I knew she wouldn't last!  When she was done I couldn't get enough of her" I took about 300 photos of her and kissed her goodbye!

Lakeside Essex 9th Feb 2008.

from hajime Sorayama's original"


dedi destroyed

Click the image to see a larger photo

This was a rare one,  only lasted 10 days






Halls of fame, have different rules to the streets, you never know what will happen to your paintings 



Before & After photos....

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Click here to Watch a slideshow of the above SWF Subway art Project  Rainbow walk​ come together Step by Step..........

Self portrait I painted for Graphotism (the international writers journal)  to test out the new montana gold transparent spraypaint. I used magic black & magic white on this one.  Painted alongside Bonsai & Dep at Lakeside


Lakeside Orange Hell Piece.

 took 3 weeks to get a line of disrespect sprayed through it. Thats painting at u.k. halls of fame for ya!

Lakeside Piece.


Barack Obama by brave1 oct 2009. 

I painted this after being asked to take part in an exhibition to celebrate 'black history month" (October)

I was painting it when I heard he'd recieved the nobel peace prize.

I called it....

Obama, nice prize but I just can't stand to look at you right now!

6ft x 4ft Spraypaint on wood.  No stencils needed

Upfest Bristol U.K.  2012  Brave 1 & Dank

Tiger eyes.  Brave 1's piece from meeting on styles London 2014.  Painted on Old Shoreditch Tube station. 


step by step  a wall by scotty~Brave one, painted in feb 2016 
Its called Priestess.  character developed from a jimbox original
Dragon Styles: Working straight onto brick with 1 black spraycan & a pot of white paint (found in a skip) . 
Underground spirit.


Brave & Ekto Painting at the meeting of styles London 2016


More step by step pics here


Brave  Painting live at the Village Beach Festival 2016


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